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שם הקורס מיקום 2018-2019
קורס בובט בסיסי לילדים במתכונת חדשנית    התחלה אוקטובר 2018
התפתחות טיפוסית חריגה מרכז – אסף הרופא ינואר – פברואר 2019
התפתחות טיפוסית חריגה צפון – נצרת אפריל 2019
קורס בובט בסיסי צפון – נצרת סוף 2019 - תחילת 2020

     לברורים ופרטים נוספים:
     מזכיר העמותה: אלכס רבינו   054-4591161    
Courses offered on a regular base:
Typical and atypical Processes of development.
This general Introductory6 day (42 hour) course offers understanding of sensory-motor-perceptual –communication processes in context of daily activities such as feeding ,playing and participation behaviours in infancy and early childhood.

To develop critical observation in what falls within the typical development of above domains.
To be able to distinguish Atypical features in the ex- premature, the delayed infant and those at risk for DCD and ASD.
To understand the relationship between sensory processes, mobility, communication, daily occupations  and participation.
To understand the role of the environment.
To understand the importance of parents/family as partners.

Typical development in the first 5 years of life, emphasizing the first year.
Features of Atypical development in CP, DCD, ASD, common syndromes and torticolis.
Use of the ICF in clinical reasoning when planning intervention.
Working with parents.
Means of instructions: Lectures, problem solving in small groups, videos, presentation of clinical cases.
At the end of the course participants will be able to:
Explain the inter-relationship  between sensory-motor-perceptual-communication processes and their effect on feeding, mobility and play.
Identify and describe atypical features in the different types of CP.
Provide initial instructions to parents for daily care-taking.

העמותה הישראלית של המדריכות לגישת בובט בישראל      אלכס רבינו, מזכיר העמותה   טלפון: 04-8243890       נייד: 054-4591161   מפת אתר